How to Deal with a Manipulative Partner

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dealing with manipulative partnerBeing in a relationship is a wonderful thing, especially if it’s a healthy one. It is a good source of support and affection. However, it becomes a pain in the neck if it doesn’t make you happy because you feel that you are not given importance. Your voice is not heard and your rights are deprived. This situation happens when your significant other doesn’t play a fair game and he or she just wants you to follow what he or she says. A manipulative partner just wants to be in control. If you can’t afford to leave your partner then learn some tips on how to deal with a manipulative partner.

  • Identify your partner’s tactics. You need to know what strategies he or she uses in getting what he or she wants. Wise manipulators are good at thinking of varied strategies like making you feel guilty, threatening, and flirting with you. Look for these things and learn how to counteract them.
  • Decide when to give in and when to fight. In a relationship, it is actually good that you are submissive at times but not all the time. There are instances in which you need to stand your ground.
  • Talk to your partner. Be honest about your feeling toward his or her attitude. Tell him or her that you don’t feel happy about it.
  • Learn how to say no. Manipulators usually tend to be generous of any help like giving gifts and financial assistance. They would later on use these as his or her way of getting what he or she wants.
  • Don’t fall for his or her bait. Use your common sense in protecting yourself from the manipulator.
  • Be firm. When you refuse to do something that he or she wants, you should be firm with your decision.

Protect your rights as a partner. You are not in a relationship just to be a follower of a manipulator. You are not into a relationship to grant his or her wishes.




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Date: March 27, 2012 | Category: General
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