How to Deal with a Lazy Husband

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How to Deal with a Lazy HusbandHusbands are supposed to be the breadwinners. They are expected to be the primary providers of the family needs. They have the biggest responsibility. The society is actually expecting them to be responsible and industrious so that they can meet the needs of their family. Besides providing the biological needs of their wife and kids, they also need to provide emotional support for their family. Showing love and care is another duty of a husband. This is one of the reasons people raise their eyebrows to men who do not have the backbone to perform their duties and responsibilities. Husbands who are jobless are regarded lazy. They could also be regarded as lazy if they are not sensitive enough to see how they could be of help to their wife inside the house.

If you find yourself in this situation and you feel like you can no longer stand the laziness of your husband, here are some steps that you can take on how to deal with a lazy husband.

  • Talk to your husband. You are probably wrong with what you are thinking about him. Maybe he wants to be of help but he just fails to see that you are in need of his help. You might be wrong in assuming that your spouse is simply lazy. This could work if your problem is just about doing the household chores. Communicate your needs.
  • Stop supporting him. If you have been spoon-feeding him and he seems to be enjoying it much, perhaps it is time to stop it. If you keep on doing it, he will never learn his lesson. Tell him what he has to do and then leave it to him.
  • Motivate him. You can do it through appreciating what he has done. Make him feel that you like what he did so he will do it again.
  • Do not nag at him. Nagging or yelling at him won’t help. Men do not like to be yelled at.
  • Join him. If you see that he is sitting on the couch and relaxing, join him. This could work better when you do it before a meal. Let his hunger or thirst push him to move and go to the kitchen to prepare your food.

Have patience. Always remember that patience is a virtue. Keep on pushing him to do the things that he has to do.




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Date: October 26, 2011 | Category: General
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