How to Deal with a Drunk Date

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How to Deal with a Drunk DateGoing on a date could be an exciting experience for anyone. However, it could be a terrible experience when your date gets drunk and everything starts to be terrible. Most dates are actually centered on alcohol. People share a drink. They talk over several shots of alcoholic drink. It is not surprising because alcohol can actually help people to be stronger. There are people who can speak their mind better when they are under the spirit of alcohol. Drinking takes away their nervousness and shyness. However, drinking while on a date has its downsides. In case your date gets drunk, there are some things that you can do to deal with the situation. Check the following tips and instructions on how to deal with a drunk date.

  • Don’t drink. When you know that your date is drunk, you should refrain from taking shots. Order another drink. Think of what might happen when the two of you get drunk. Your date might just turn into a big mess.
  • Stay calm. Remember that you are on the normal state and you need to keep it so you can be of help to your date. Do not panic uprightly. Avoid freaking out.
  • Drink at your pace. If you cannot refuse to drink, then you can take a sip but keep it in moderation. Control your intake so you can control the consequences.
  • Talk to the person. Try to tell the person that he has to control his or her intake. There’s nothing wrong telling it for as long as you say it in a nice way.

Freaking out will only make the situation worse. If you can no longer tolerate the atmosphere, you better leave and get some air.




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Date: October 26, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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