How to Deal with a Domineering Woman

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dominant womanWhen you are dating with a domineering woman, tendencies are you will find yourself suffering from headaches. Generally, domineering women are difficult to deal with. They keep on insisting what they want and they are not open to suggestions. These are some of their characteristics that make them hard to deal with. She will not adjust for you. It will always be the other way around. Once a woman is dominant, she will always be dominant. Check some tips and instructions on how to deal with domineering women.

  • Express your emotions and thoughts. Everyone needs to be heard. Don’t let her suppress your freedom to express what you think and feel.
  • Let her take control of some things. Be firm when you tell them that she can only dominate some things but not everything. Make her realize that she needs to respect you as a man. Having the full authority in all aspects is not healthy.
  • Don’t follow everything she says. If she begins to dictate or control you in almost everything, you should do something to oppose. Don’t be a henpecked man.
  • Don’t show that you are scared of her. Once she sees that you are afraid of her, all the more that she would try to dominate and control you and your relationship.
  • Take the lead. Fight for your right to be in control at times. She can’t be in authority all the time. You also need to exercise yours.

Learn to oppose what your dominant woman wants. Make her realize that life doesn’t always go in favor of her. Do something before you find yourself trapped in her hands.




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Date: August 1, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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