How to Date your Teacher

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dating a teacherRelationships face different challenges.  There are those that are forbidden and condemned by the society while others suffer from infidelity and so on.  One kind of relationship that is frowned upon by many people is the romantic relationship between a teacher and a student.  However, this kind of relationship is becoming very common, especially with the younger generation of educators.

Dating Tips

If you are hooked up with your professor and your attraction has been taken into the romantic level, your date would be more successful through the following dating guidelines.

  • Ask yourself if you should date your teacher or instructor. Dating your teacher comes with risks.  Your teacher’s reputation and position are at risk and your education is at stake as well.  Are you ready for these risks?  You need to ponder upon these thoughts before you engage in this kind of romance.
  • Maintain the gap when you are at school.  Don’t be showy that you have a romantic relationship.  Respect your teacher when you are inside the classroom.  Act like a student and treat him/ her like how you’d treat your teacher.  Pay attention to your lessons.  This is to avoid inconvenience or tension in the classroom.  As much as possible don’t bring your relationship to school, especially if the school is not in favor to the kind of relationship you have.
  • When going out together, avoid going to public places where students and faculty members could see you.  Seeing you holding hands in public is really inappropriate.
  • Keep it a secret as much as possible.  Don’t tell anyone that there’s romance between the two of you.
  • Your relationship should be your inspiration for you to strive harder and it should not be a distraction to your education and to your partner’s career.  Don’t be impulsive and aggressive with your decisions.
  • If you can, try to control your emotions.  Pursue your relationship after your graduation.

There’s always time for everything.  If it isn’t the time yet, then wait for the right time. That’s how life is.




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