How to Date your Ex Girlfriend

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dating an ex girlfriendHave you tried gotten back with an ex? Some people say that once it’s over, it’s over. If it’s in the past, then no need to think of it. Leave it behind and move forward. But there are instances that you can’t help but look back. You go back to what you left behind thinking that you could have it again. This happens to people who want to be reunited with their past lovers or the so-called ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends or they could also be former husbands or wives. Sometimes the old are still irreplaceable.

Dating Guidelines

In your desire to get back with your ex-girlfriend, sometimes you forget your position. You tend to be aggressive just to have her again. It might be helpful to take time to ponder upon the following dating tips:

  • Prepare yourself. Dress properly and make sure you look neat.
  • Choose a place where in there’s no romantic setting. There’s no need to pressure your ex. Just go to a coffee shop or a casual restaurant where you can eat and talk casually. Don’t go to a bar or any loud place. Try to make it perfect so you can have another one.
  • Have a light conversation. Avoid talking about serious things like the things happened between you in the past. This can make you feel awkward. It can create tension. Just try to have fun.
  • Be honest about how you feel. Tell her you missed her. You never know of she also feels the same for you.
  • Be clear with you intentions why you are seeing her again. Talk about what you’re up to. Tell your reasons for your meeting and why you are dating again.
  • Ask her of the things you want to know. You need to answer her questions as well.
  • Show respect to her. Don’t be aggressive. Don’t take her for granted. Don’t think of sleeping with her. If you are trying to get her back, respect her.
  • Show her that you are now a better guy. If you’ve been irresponsible in the past, it’s high time to show her that you are now better.

As they say, love is sweeter the second time around. If you think there’s still hope for your relationship then don’t let her go again. Kiss and make up.




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Date: April 16, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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