How to Date your Boss?

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dating your bossWhen people are often together, they tend to develop closeness and for some they start to build a romantic relationship. This is a natural and common tendency although it is not allowed in most companies. Dating your co-worker particularly your boss should be discouraged. However, if you really can’t help but feel something romantic for your boss, then give it a try for as long as the boss is single and available. If he asks you out, think about it first. Furthermore, you also need to know the protocol when dating your superior.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Learn the proper way to date with your boss by reading the following dating tips:

  • Be prepared to hear rumors about you. Your co-workers will surely talk about you. They will accuse you of special favors even if it’s not true.
  • Know the policy of your company. Prepare yourself of the possible consequences when you get caught. If your job is more important, you might want to back off.
  • Respect your workplace. Avoid public display of affection, especially when you are at work. It’s not proper to display any intimacy.
  • Keep your relationship outside work. Maintain the professional gap when inside the workplace. You should treat him as a boss and act like a subordinate. Prevent unnecessary scenes at work. Don’t show your colleagues your fights.
  • Avoid acting like a superior. You might be dating with your boss but your position is still the same. Don’t be arrogant.
  • If your performance or productivity is affected by your relationship, it’s time to end it. But if it becomes your inspiration because you are trying to please the boss and your partner at the same time, then keep it.
  • As much as possible, keep your relationship private.
  • Look for another job if you wish to pursue your relationship.

Dating your boss makes you choose between two important things in your life-job or the person you like. Just make sure you are on the right track.




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