How to Date without Getting Hurt

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Dating without Getting HurtDating gives various experiences to people. There are wonderful experiences and there are also terrible experiences. For those who have experienced the latter, they find dating traumatic. This is the reason why they get scared to date again. They are afraid to get hurt and be rejected. This feeling affects socialization which isn’t healthy. Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting. Get yourself back to dating! How? You can do it by reading some tips and instructions on how to date without getting hurt. Let’s get started by reading the following list of tips.

  • Don’t be emotionally attached right away. Bear in mind that you get hurt when your feelings/ emotions are involved. Well, involving your emotions is a part of dating but you can help yourself by being cautious with your heart. Guard your heart during the first stages.
  • Go on a date with the thought that you are going there just to know the person. Don’t think of something deeper like thinking in advance that the person will be your spouse.
  • Don’t assume. What is wrong with some people is that they try to assume or guess what the person means.  That should not be because once you learn that your assumptions aren’t true at all, then you will get hurt. It will cause you frustrations.
  • Have fun. Enjoy the date without thinking of serious things.
  • Take your time. Just take things slow. There’s no use rushing into things. Enjoy each moment without anticipating things.
  • Avoid getting physical too soon. Most women find it hard to let go of men once they get physically attached to men. You will get hurt if you get abandoned after giving everything you have.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You should love yourself more than anyone else. Don’t trust a person too soon. Allow yourself to have ample time to get to know the person before you shift your emotions to something deeper.




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Date: May 20, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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