How to Date Russian Women

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dating a russian womanIf you can’t find your dream girl in your homeland, you tend to search for her abroad. You don’t really need to go abroad to meet women. The internet has a lot of dating sites to offer. If you sign up, you will be able to meet single women from various parts of the world. Some dating sites even offer mail order brides.

Pieces of Dating Advice

So you are into dating Russian women. Women from Soviet Union are very different from American women. If you are clueless of the differences, then there’s no hope for you to have a good relationship with a Russian woman. Check the following dating tips and rules for dating Russian women and let them be your guide to increase your chances of attracting your woman.

  • If you are dating a Russian woman for marriage, then there’s a need for you to understand her culture and traditions. This is the key to a god relationship.
  • Learn her language to show your interest.
  • On your first date, impress her with your clothes. Dress appropriately.
  • Most women are attracted with gentlemen. Show your manners. Make her realize that you are loveable.
  • Show that you are interested in her by asking questions but avoid making a lot of comments. You can ask questions about the culture and politics of her country. Try to observe her if she feels comfortable about the topics.
  • Don’t make a big deal out if her nationality. Sure you can mention it but you don’t need to put emphasis, particularly when you are introducing her to your family and friends.
  • Russian women are more conventional than American women so watch your actions.
  • Be decisive to show that you are reliable and that she can count on you. Decide where to go and what to do but of course you can also ask her opinion.
  • When you are drinking and you are with her, keep it in control. Drink moderately. Don’t get dunk.
  • Be romantic to her. Russian girls love romance.
  • Give your attention to her.

Exert an effort to get to know her more if you intend to keep a serious relationship with her. That’s the only way  you could find the things that will make you even closer.




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