How to Date on a Budget

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tips on how to date on a budgetDating is usually costly, especially when you really want to make it exciting and romantic. A person, specifically a man, actually saves for a date in order to make it truly wonderful. This is to impress the woman or to make the date unforgettable. Inexpensive dates are usually less exciting. Does it mean that you cannot date when you are on a tight budget? Everyone can date, including those who do not have much. Turn your simple date into a success with the following tips on how to date on a budget.

  • Take a walk at the park. Going to a nice park for a walk isn’t expensive. It’s actually a great way of enjoying a day with your date. You don’t have to spend much for food because you can bring anything. You can take a picnic basket with you. Prepare some sandwich and drinks. Bring a picnic mat as well.
  • Go to free events. Forget about your pride. Ask your date to go with you and witness the events at a gallery or a museum.
  • Take your date to a coffee shop. You don’t have to pick a very popular one like Starbucks. If you are worried about your budget, you don’t have to force yourself to pay for something that you can’t afford. Besides, it’s you who will suffer in the end.
  • Take your date for lunch. Dinner dates are actually more expensive than lunch or breakfast. You don’t need to make your date notice that you are just trying to cut the cost. Invite her early.
  • Take a photography tour. If you have your digital camera, utilize it for you to have fun with your date. Go around your place and capture wonderful moments or magnificent sceneries.
  • Watch a movie at home. Seeing a good film together with your date is one of the common ways of spending time with someone. Pick a funny movie and enjoy it with your popcorn and soda!

See? You can date and have fun even when you are on a tight budget. It’s just a matter of using your available resources with a touch of creativity.




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Date: March 27, 2013 | Category: Dating Tips
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