How to Date Casually?

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casual dating tipsDating doesn’t have to be exclusive all the time. Anyone can try dating casually, especially if you just want to go out with someone but you don’t have any plans to be into a serious relationship. This usually happens when you are still in the process of moving on after a break up or you are just busy with your work or studies.

What Does Casually Dating Mean?

When you are dating casually there’s no commitment at all. You can both date other people. There are no strings attached so you are free.

How do you Casually Date?

To casually date, you need to be simply informal. When you are into this kind of dating, avoid getting your emotions involved.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Here is a list of some dating rules and tips for you to be able to make casual dating really casual.

  • When doing a casual date for the first time, it’s better to go out on group dates. This will make you comfortable and will lessen the pressure. You can have conical relationship, where in three people are involved.
  • Be honest with your intention in dating.
  • Choose casual clothes. Dress appropriately. Jeans and shirts will be fine. If you want to be fashionably dressed up, it will also be fine.
  • Enjoy dating but take things slow. Allow yourselves to get to know each other well. Give yourself ample time to understand the person. Keep dating several people.
  • Avoid spending time with the person too often. You can see each other once a week.
  • Avoid deep attachment to the person. Resist going too personal although you need some details about the person. Don’t introduce the person with your family and don’t meet the person’s family as well.
  • As much as possible, don’t expect something deeper from the person because you really don’t know if the person is also dating several people.
  • Keep intimacy out. If you share intimate moments, it will be harder to get out of this kind of dating. One of you will fall in love.

Being into this kind of dating is fun. It doesn’t require much of your attention. It’s a lot easier to handle. I hope that this dating guide is helpful in a way or another.




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