How to Date an Aquarian Male?

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dating an aquarian maleSome people have the tendency to consult astrology and horoscope first before dating with a certain person. They believe that the zodiac sign could give some helpful tips to make the date work. You can get started with the personality traits of an Aquarian male.

Characteristics of a Male Aquarius

According to his zodiac sign, he has the following traits.

  • He is friendly and outgoing. This type of guy has a large circle of friends.
  • He loves attending parties. He just enjoys making friends.
  • He is a very creative man. It reflects on his projects and the way he plans his dates. Because of this characteristic, he tends to surprise people.
  • He loves freedom. He finds it hard to live without it.
  • He is open to new things-from food to sports and even in love.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Now that you have an idea about him, let the following dating tips be your guide:

  • Show interest in trying new things and you will have fun together.
  • Encourage him to do things that will enhance or challenge his creativity. He will love to do anything because it is his passion.
  • Befriend his friends so you can get along with them, too. You can also introduce him to your circle of friends. You know pretty well that he loves his friends.
  • Don’t try to control things or try to manipulate him. He loves his freedom so controlling him would mean that you are taking his freedom away from him.
  • Avoid being very jealous and possessive. He will not appreciate a female like this.

Love Compatibility

He is most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius women. He is neutral with Leo and Aquarius and least compatible with Pieces, Taurus, cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Now where does your zodiac sign fall? Are you most compatible or least compatible? Well, your fate in love is in your hands.




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