How to Date a Widow?

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dating a widowWidows differ from other women when it comes to dating. Approaching them is pretty different either, especially if she they had a very good marriage. It’s hard for them to let go of the memories they shared with their late husband. The experience when dating divorcees or divorced women is kind of similar to the one you have with widows. Asking them to go out on a date is actually a challenge for men who are attracted to them. If you are one of those who are interested in dating these women, then this post might be of help to you.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Read the following dating tips for you to be able to get your widow.

  • When asking for a date, it should be just a friendly date. Friendship is a good foundation. Date casually to allow yourself to get to know her better and likewise.
  • Just enjoy going out without any pressure. At this point make your intentions clear to her. Be honest with what you really want.
  • Don’t rush, just take things slow and you will get what you want. Respect her late husband. Give her enough time to mourn for her loss. Let time heal the wound created by the death of a beloved one.
  • Make her feel that you are there to support her. If she needs crying shoulders, offer yours. Comfort her with words.
  • When she’s a woman with kids, you need to respect her kids. Befriend them. Gin their trust but don’t think that you could ever replace the space they have for their father.
  • Don’t compete with someone who is no longer around. He’s gone and let him rest in peace.
  • Be patient and understanding. Moving on is a process. Just keep on planting seeds of good deeds so you will reap the fruits someday. If you are a widower yourself, it will be easier for you to understand the situation.

Once everything is settled, she can be the wife you’ve been searching for. Good luck to you!




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