How to Date a Vietnamese Girl

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dating a vietnamese girlAsian women are sought after by Western men because of their exotic beauty and appealing personality, including their virtues and values. Vietnamese women are not an exception.  They are attractive to men of various races because they are reserved and refined.  Their life actually revolves around tradition.  This is really commendable considering the fast transition of the world.  People are becoming modern and liberated.  Vietnam seems to maintain its traditional lifestyle.

Getting to Know Vietnamese Women

Get more ideas about the background of the Vietnamese girl that you are planning to date with.  Women in Vietnam generally love to be of service to their man.  It’s their happiness and pleasure to obey their man.  They have the feeling that they have to take good care of their man. This gives them a sense of fulfillment.  Furthermore, they are feminine and delicate.

Dating Tips

Read some pieces of dating advice to make your date work.

  • Take the initiative to let her know that you’re interested. However, you need to be hands off.       Refrain from getting intimate. In other words, you need to be gentle.
  • Develop or establish closeness without suggesting physical intimacy.
  • Don’t be rude and aggressive as you might scare her away. Remember that she is traditional.  So be tender in every way.
  • Take it slow.  Don’t be in a hurry to get the things that you want. Be patient until you get what you want.  Bear in mind that patient is a virtue.
  • Look for common places to spend time together.
  • On your first date, think of going to a nice place rather than going to a movie house.
  • Show her that you respect her culture.
  • Before you court her, you need to ask permission from her parents first. This is how courtship goes in Vietnam.       Give due respect to her family.

That’s it! Sometimes all you need to do is use your common sense. Observe the way she behaves and you’ll learn to adjust.




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