How to Date a Shy Girl

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dating a shy girlSome men can feel lost when trying to have intimate relationship with shy girls because they find it difficult to approach them. Shy women are somewhat unpredictable. You cannot really tell what they are thinking of. Your interest to a shy woman makes you wonder on hoe to bring a shy girl out of her shell. You want to find ways on how to deal with her so that you can ask her to go out on a date and get closer to her.

Advice when Dating a Shy Girl

Stop wondering on how to date a shy girl because there are some dating tips for you that could serve as your dating guide. Take a look at the following tips:

  • Be gentle to her. Watch the words you say. Watch your actions, as well. Think before you act as you might end up offending her. She will become more reserved once you make her feel embarrassed.
  • You’ve got to find out what makes her shy. Her coyness has a reason and it is your job to find out that thing. There are actually three kinds of a shy girl-conversationally shy, cover-up shy, and physically shy. Observe her when you are together. Look for signs.
  • Once you have found out the reason behind her shyness, it’s time to move on to the next step. Help her overcome shyness. Encourage her in a way that she is not pressured. You spend time with her so you must know what to do.
  • Introduce her to your family and circle of friends so that she will learn how to socialize better. Your family and friends may be able to help her speak out once she becomes comfortable.
  • Gain her trust to make her speak and feel comfortable with you.
  • Be sincere to her. Do not make fun of her. Don’t play games with her.
  • Make her feel that you are trustworthy and that she is safe with you. You cannot do it in a day.
  • When you are going out, let her decide for the date time and place to show that you trust her decisions and choices.
  • Talk about your plans. Ask her opinions and ideas so that you can make your shy girl talk.

If the shy girl likes you, she will give her trust in you and you will later find that she is no longer a quiet girl. If you intend to marry her, meet her expectations and make her fall in love with you everyday.




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