How to Date a Quiet Guy?

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dating a quiet shy guyThere are different personalities of people that you meet. There are difficult people, but there are also people that we can easily get along with. Some are talkative; others are quiet or extremely shy. Quiet people are often misunderstood. That’s the main reason why a romantic relationship with a shy guy can get challenging if you don’t know how to adjust.

Pieces of Dating Advice

If you want to understand a quiet guy and you want to make your date a success, then there’s a need for you to read some dating tips. Take a look at the following tips and stop wondering on how to talk to him or deal with him.

  • Prior to your date, think of good topics that may interest the guy. Once he becomes interested, he will also express his thoughts.
  • Think of a good day and date time for your date. Consult the calendar if you need to check your schedule.
  • Initiate the conversation. Start it casually. Avoid getting too personal at the start of your conversation.
  • Keep on asking about things until you feel that he becomes more comfortable with you. At this point in time, you can already ask personal questions to get to know each other more.
  • Avoid asking intimidating questions. The better thing to do is to try to figure out what kind of timidity he has. What is behind his being quiet? Once you find it out, you will understand him better.
  • When talking to him, try to find out his interests. Try to find a common interest and use it to make him talk and to make your conversation livelier.
  • When he talks, learn how to listen to him. Quiet ones often have great thoughts.
  • Don’t be rude to him. Be gentle with your words. Watch the words that come from your mouth.
  • Compliment him. Agree to his ideas. Boost his ego and confidence with your praises.

Having a relationship with the quiet guy can be both interesting and challenging. Just respect his silence. But keep on encouraging him to talk more often. Should you need a better dating guide, then you are free to search for more sources online. Hope that you will enjoy dating with him.




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Date: April 18, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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