How to Date a Quiet Girl

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How to Date a Quiet GirlDating a quiet girl is quite different from dating an active girl. The approach is pretty different and it is somehow challenging if you are a guy who is used to be with women who are always on the go.  If you can’t take the challenge, then don’t consider dating with this type of girl in the first place. You will only experience boredom and frustrations.

Dating Tips

However, if you are ready to take the challenge and are willing to learn dealing with her along the way, then read on for some tips.

  • Be gentle in approaching her so you won’t scare her away.  Be tender with your words and actions.  Watch the words you say.
  • Determine her type of shy girl.  Does she keep secrets about her personal life?  Is she shy when you converse with her? Does she act differently when you touch her?  There are different types of shy women and you have to know her kind.  We have the conversationally shy girl; cover-up shy girl; and physically shy.
  • Once you learn her type, you’d know how to deal with her in a better way.  Try to avoid the instances that would make her withdraw herself.
  • Talk to her.  Ask her the reason why she is so shy and silent. Encourage her to come out of her shell and assure her that you are always there to support her.
  • Show her your worth and try to gain her trust.  Show her your good behavior so that she will trust you completely.  However, even if you have not earned her trust yet, it doesn’t mean that she dislikes you.  But trusting you will help her get over her shyness.
  • Be sincere and faithful to her so you will gain her trust.  Try to be open to her.  This will help her get rid of her coyness.
  • Respect her if she refuses to be physically intimate to you.  Give her enough time to adjust.
  • Avoid going to places where in there’s too much noise if she is still in the process of adjustment.

Take good care of your shy girl.  Be patient and tender.  Heed this dating advice and you’ll have a happy and healthy relationship.





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Date: March 11, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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