How to Date a Popular Girl

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How to Date a Popular GirlYour interest or attraction with a pretty, popular girl goes with challenges, most especially if you are not as popular as she is.  You have to deal with competition with other men around her and you have to deal with her busy schedule as well.  If you have a weak spirit, you’ll end up losing her.  But if the girl is important enough, you’ll be willing to do the extra miles just to have a successful relationship with her.

Guides when Dating a Popular Girl

Dating with a popular girl is pretty different so it might be helpful to read the following pieces of dating advice that would serve as your dating guidelines.

  • Be confident.  Women get attracted to men who believe in themselves.  You should be confident about who you are and there should be no rooms for insecurities.  However, don’t overdo it because you will turn out arrogant.
  • Even if you are not a popular boy, try to create a good name on your chosen field so that you would have something to be proud of.  Try to be unique on your own ways. This is an additional point for you.
  • Don’t be discouraged by the people around you for as long as you know that you are on the right track.  Be stoic.
  • Acknowledge her but don’t make her feel that you crazy about her.  This will somehow challenge her and you will catch her interest and curiosity more.
  • Watch the clothes that you wear.  You need to be presentable so that your gap will not be very big when it comes to fashion sense.
  • Support her in her endeavor.  Be there when she needs someone to support and help her.  Make her realize how different you are from other men around her.  Show her that you are not a wicked guy.
  • Be a man who has sense of humor and has a sense of responsibility.  Girls, including hot girls tend to fall for men who know how to make them laugh.
  • Know her favorite things to do and give her the chance to explore and experience those things.

Popularity really affects the relationship of people.  If one is at the top, there comes a point when this becomes a problem.  It sometimes changes a person’s character.  It’s best to keep your feet on the ground no matter how popular you are.








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Date: March 15, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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