How to Date a Police Officer?

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dating a police womanMen in uniform are attractive to women. There’s no doubt that police officers and soldiers tend to be womanizers. They seem to be very appealing to women so even married cops have illicit affairs. It’s really ironic because they should be the ones promoting peace but they create chaos because of what they do. However, let’s not generalize it. There are still cops and sheriffs (the principal law-enforcement officer in a county) who stick to just one woman.

Dating Advice

To be able to have a nice date with a police officer, pay attention to the following dating tips and let them be your guide.

  • Be strong. You need to be able to manage yourself without him. Don’t be very dependent to him because he has a demanding job and it requires him to work overtime.
  • Be understanding. Avoid being nag and too clingy. Learn to embrace and accept his profession. If there are postponed plans or dates, be understanding.
  • Be a sweet girlfriend. Cook for him to comfort him and offer him body massage even if he doesn’t ask you to do it.
  • Know how to keep secrets. If he shares you confidential things keep them to yourself. Don’t tell them to anyone. Remember that he is not even supposed to tell you those but he trusts you so prove him that you are trustworthy. Lawyers, detectives, and police officers are supposed to be secretive.
  • Be brave enough to listen to things that are hard to listen to.  Dangers are a part of his job.
  • Avoid asking too many questions about his job. His silence and confidentiality doesn’t mean that he’s cheating on you. He has personal reasons and you need to respect whatever reasons he has.
  • Don’t use his power and authority to your advantage. Don’t expect to gain special treatment from people just because you are dating a cop. Don’t put his name and reputation at risk but be the one to uplift his credibility.

Should you date a police officer? Why not? It isn’t a bad idea and it’s actually thrilling, especially when she’s a female police officer and you’re not. Enjoy dating!




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Date: April 16, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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