How to Date a Man with Intimacy Issues

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Dating a Man with Intimacy IssuesIntimacy is a part of a healthy and normal relationship. With intimacy a couple can create an emotional connection thus, leading to a harmonious romantic relationship. When you have strong emotional connection, you can tell everything to your teacher. There is honesty. There is trust. These elements are essential to make a relationship grow healthy. When you are with someone who has intimacy problems or issues, you will have a hard time establishing emotional connection. However, you might be enlightened with the following tips on how to date a man with intimacy issues.

  • Have patience. You need to exert extra effort when the man you are dating with is afraid to open up with you. You must understand that he has a problem. The least that you can do is to freak out or force him when you cannot make him talk. Have a wide room for understanding him.
  • Boost his confidence. One thing that you can do to help him is to increase his self-esteem and confidence. When he is confident about himself, he will be more open about himself.
  • Appreciate him. Another step that you can take to help him is through praises. When he hears that you appreciate/ admire him, his self-confidence will improve. Keep on giving him compliments, even the small ones matter. However, do not overdo it as he might take it weird and insincere. Be sincere when you compliment him.
  • Encourage him to discuss his fears. Tell him that it is important that he opens up so you will understand him better. At least when he can share his fears, you are actually building intimacy unconsciously.

Avoid getting into fight with him. When he starts a fight, stay calm and address the problem right away. Keep on sharing to him and show him that there’s nothing wrong with it.




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Date: March 25, 2013 | Category: Dating Tips
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