How to Date a Law School Student?

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dating a law school studentThe idea of dating with a law school student sounds glamorous and amazing but if you look into the challenges that come with it, you’ll think twice whether you will pursue or not. Ask those who have tried being into a relationship with a law student and you’d hear their issues. Anyway, this post is not discouraging you to try to date with a future lawyer.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Follow your heart but be guided with the following dating tips.

  • Be aware that the person you are dating with is a busy person because he cares about his career as a future lawyer once he graduates.
  • Develop in you a sense of understanding the person. You need to understand why he is very devoted in his studies. He needs a good education as a future law graduate.
  • Don’t compete with his studies and school requirements. You will not win because he is goal-oriented unless you are his first priority. But this doesn’t mean that you are not important. He just wants you to understand him.
  • Focus your attention to your personal and professional goals. Study hard if you are a student like him. He will appreciate a woman who has her own aspirations.
  • Be supportive to him. Offer your help if there are things he needs to accomplish.
  • Encourage him to study even harder and that you are proud of his achievements as a student in his college or university, if he has any.
  • Don’t be demanding of his time and attention if you don’t want to turn him off. Meet him on time because every minute counts. He can’t afford to waste time.
  • Be a credible person. When you share something to him, see to it that the source is reliable. Act like a levelheaded person.
  • Be aware of the current events and the hottest legal issues in town.
  • Have a good sense of humor to lighten his mood after a boring or bloody class.

If you want to marry a future attorney, then you must do the things that you have to do to keep him in your life. Maintain his interest in you.




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Date: April 16, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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