How to Date a Korean Girl?

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dating a pretty korean girlAsian women like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese are very appealing to men from Western countries. Among these Asian women, Korean women have been sought after by men because of their unique beauty and an excellent fashion sense. Many Korean dating services are now becoming popular. Korean women also live according to their traditions. They conform to the standards of their society.  Some men find it hard to attract Korean girls because they have no idea on how to approach them.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Get the upper arm by learning some ways to make your date with Korean girls an exciting one. Look into the following dating tips.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to learn their language. It’s pretty difficult though. If you find it really hard, then it might be helpful to learn some useful common expressions like “anyonghaseyo” which means Hello and “kamsahamnida” which means Thank you. If they hear you speaking some Korean expressions, they will feel that you are really interested in them.
  • Show appreciation of Korean dishes like kimchi and bulgogi. If they ask you to have a taste, do it and enjoy it. Eat a lot to impress them. Once you start your romantic relationship with a Korean girl, prepare yourself to get fat. Your girlfriend will make you fat so that no one will get attracted to you.
  • When eating together and you notice that she eats too much, just ignore it. Don’t show that you notice it and that you are turned off.
  • Treat her family nice. Make sure that you give something to them on your first meeting.
  • Be a real gentleman to her. Carry her bag.
  • Be generous to her. Shop for her. She’ll love it. Choose a good date time to do it.

If you are not a Korean boy and you aren’t rich, you will find it hard to convince her family to accept you. Koreans don’t let their daughters to be connected with men from other countries, especially if they are from poor countries. However, you should still try your best to meet their expectations.




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