How to Date a Japanese Woman

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dating a japanese womanJapanese women are beautiful. If you are attracted to a Japanese woman, you have to learn some ways to capture her heart, specifically if you are a man with a very different culture. Read the following dating tips and pieces of advice to guide you on your date with a woman from Japan.

  • You have to know that Japanese women are choosy. When asking her to go out on a date, be careful in checking the signs if she likes the idea of going out with you or not.
  • Most single Japanese girls love going to restaurants. Take her for dining. Look for a nice and cozy restaurant. Most of them are into European dishes.
  • Take her to a movie. Look for a good film which you think she will enjoy. But to be safe, you can ask her what she wants to see.
  • Japanese women love pets and you need to show your love for pets. You can walk her pet. But for the first date, taking her to a restaurant will be better.
  • Be a real gentleman. Don’t try to take her to a private room on your first date and seduce her.  Treat her well and you will have a better chance of having a second date with her.
  • If you are not Japanese, try to convince her that you are a good match for her. Japanese women actually prefer Japanese men.
  • When things are going well and you want to take things seriously, you need to meet her father first. You need to get her father’s approval before you go deeper. Japanese women listen to their father so if he doesn’t have a good impression of you, there’s a great chance that she will dump you. To be able to impress him, bring something for him for the first time.

Single Chinese women and Korean women are also great women. They are traditional because of their culture and values-oriented. If you are looking for a wife material, consider them as one of your choices. When you find one, you’re a lucky guy.




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