How to Date a Hipster Girl?

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dating a hipster girlGirls have various tastes when it comes to choosing their partners. They also have different tastes in fashion, music, book, movies, and food. Some are preppy; others are hipster. There are also called Indie girls. When you are trying to date a person who has different styles and choices, you might think that the person will not like you since you are different. But, hey! Didn’t you know that opposite poles attract? Well, yes. It could also apply to your situation.

Pieces of Dating Advice

So you are interested in dating a hipster girl and you are not one? Well, just go on. Follow your heart but try to learn some tips to be your guide when dating a hipster girl. Read the following dating tips:

  • Just be yourself. Don’t be nervous about your personality. So what if she is a hipster and you’re not? Be proud of yourself.
  • You have to check your appearance, including the clothes that you wear. You need to be presentable. Smell clean and fresh.
  • Since you are interested to the chick, you should also try to be interested in the things that fascinate her. Love the things that she loves.
  • Make her feel good and special. Appreciate her sense of fashion. Learn to like hipster fashion but you don’t have to be one if you can’t. Don’t try to change her if you feel that she’s happy being one.
  • Support her endeavors.
  • Engage in activities that she enjoys but find a common interest so you would enjoy together. Meet halfway.

The key to a successful dating or relationship is to be happy of what you have. Find contentment with the person. Understand and accept each other and you will have a good relationship if you plan to marry her.




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Date: April 18, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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