How to Date a Girl who has a Boyfriend

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Dating a Girl who has a BoyfriendThere are instances when destiny plays with our heart. We fall for someone who is already attached or committed to somebody.  Even if we try to convince ourselves that it is wrong to feel this way, we cannot help but feel attracted.  The more we suppress our emotions, the more they become intense and the attraction becomes even deeper.  This is the reason why many homes have been wrecked and many hearts have been broken.  But what if you are really hooked with girl who has a boyfriend?  Would you pursue dating with this female?

Dating Tips

Dating with a woman who is attached to a man is really dangerous especially if the boyfriend is capable of hurting you physically. However, if you are decided to try and take the risks, you can have the following pieces of dating advice as your guidelines.

  • When a girl is happy with her current relationship, there’s no way that she’d go out with another guy.  If she agrees to go out with you then it’s a sign that she’s not happy with her boyfriend.  You have a chance boy!  Try to get her schedule and find a good date time.  However, don’t try to force her to go out with you if she refuses.
  • Once you get the chance to be alone with her, try to develop a passionate emotional connection with her.  Don’t try to give her logical reasons to make her dump her boyfriend.  Just stir up emotions in her to make her feel happy being with you until she finds it tempting to be with you.
  • Get to know the things she likes in a relationship or the things she wants in a man. Then shift your talk about her boyfriend.  Make her realize that her boyfriend is not her ideal man but don’t make it very obvious.  This will work if her boyfriend is not adequately meeting her standards.
  • If she gets attracted to you and she wants you to be her boyfriend, demand that she should break off the relationship before you start making her your girlfriend.  If she refuses and she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend, why would you invest your emotions to this kind of woman?  She would do the same thing to you.

There you had some tips to serve as your dating guide with a girl who has a boyfriend. Good luck!






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Date: March 15, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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