How to Date a Friend

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dating a friendAlthough a friend is someone who is close to you and he/ she has the same interests as yours, you cannot assure yourself that you can shift your friendship into a different kind of relationship like romance. There are times when friends cannot be lovers for some reason. There are also cases in which one friend falls in love but the other friend doesn’t feel the same way. The relationship becomes different when they start to love each other romantically. However, if you want to take chances and risks, you might as well read some tips on how to date a friend.

  • Spend time together. Ask your friend out. You can have lunch or coffee. You can also take your friend to a movie that you both enjoy. It’s better if you don’t go out in group with other friends so that you can have alone time together that will allow you both to realize what you feel for each other.
  • Show and tell that you are interested romantically. Do it gently and slowly. You have to observe the person to see if he/ she feels the same way as you do. If t he feeling is mutual, then you are lucky.
  • Take your time. Do not pressure the person. It is fine to be honest but give the person time to think about his/ her feelings. Don’t rush the person.
  • Act as a lover, not a friend. The way you treat your friend should be different from the way you used to treat him/ her. There should be changes. Be a lover so you can be one. Woo the girl or guy.

Just give it a try and be yourself. You became friends because you have common interests. Use those interests to turn your friendship into romance.




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Date: August 8, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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