How to Date a Friend’s Ex

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how to date a friend’s exIt’s actually a bit awkward to date a friend’s ex. If you pursue it, it can be a disaster or an experience to remember. The experience you get from it actually depends on you go about things and on the kind of friend you have. If your friend is not an open-minded person, he or she might take it negatively. It might even break your friendship. When you are into this kind of situation, you need to be careful with the things that you do when dating. The first step that you have to take is to talk to your friend and be open about your plan to date his or her ex. Learn other tips and ways on how to date a friend’s ex with the following list.

  • Be open to your friend. There’s a need for you to keep the line of communication open. Tell your plans or intentions for dating his or her ex. It’s a way of showing respect to him or her plus it will make your relationship healthier because you don’t need to hide.
  • Don’t risk your friendship. If your friend doesn’t understand your intention, you might as well want to think it over first before you do any move. If you are serious about your friend’s ex, then fight for what you feel for the person but prepare yourself to lose a friend.
  • Give your friend and the ex enough time before you proceed with your plan. Understand that they are going through a process of moving on after the breakup. Give yourself the time to check if their relationship is really over before you go in between.
  • Be sensitive. When you are dating with your friend’s ex, do not show your sweetness or your happiness when your friend is around. It might look fine with your friend but it might still hurt him or her in a way or another. Don’t share your friend details of your relationship.

Take things slowly. Give yourself and the person adequate time to adjust to a new relationship.




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Date: September 30, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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