How to Date a Filipina Woman?

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dating a filipina womanAsian women have pleasing personality and unique beauty. They have the charm that most Western women don’t have like Filipino women who are also called Filipina, Pilipina and Pinay. The traditional Filipino lady is someone who has values in life. She has a very impressive personality and disposition that attract men from the West. Truly, a Filipina female is someone you would be proud of.

Pieces of Dating Advice

If you want to date a Filipina, then there are some things that you have to learn about her, including the things on how you are going to court or woo her. Pay attention to the following dating tips.

  • Be a real gentleman. Although Filipino women are not hard to court, you should be able to catch their attention with your manners. They appreciate gentlemen. Treat them with right manners. They get easily disappointed with rude men. Watch your words and actions if you want to be close to them.
  • Observe Filipino time and be on time. Don’t be late on your date.
  • Wear something decent and you should be nest with your hair and nails.
  • You should compliment her beauty and her effort in making herself presentable to you.
  • Understand her culture and way of life. Don’t insist yours.
  • Don’t try to get her into bed, especially on your first dates because she will be turned off and you will scare her away. You should know that traditional Filipino women value their dignity so much. They want to give their virginity to their husband on the first night after the wedding. Of course Filipino men know this.
  • Be nice to her family circle. Filipino women observe strong family ties. You need to show that you understand this.
  • They are sweet and caring and you need to appreciate it.
  • Don’t ever dare to have another woman beside the Filipina lady. She won’t tolerate this kind of situation.
  • Respect her religion. Don’t make fun out if it. Try to go to church with her on your date to show that you are willing to embrace the things that she loves.
  • They are excellent home keepers and this gives them the edge over other women. If you are going to marry one, you will not regret.

You are a lucky man once a Filipina lady falls in love with you. If you haven’t met one yet, fly to the Philippines and you will find many beautiful women who deserve your love and attention. Just take a look at the abovementioned guide and you will succeed.




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Date: April 17, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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