How to Date a Depressed Person

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dating a depressed personDating is really fun and exciting because it gives vibrant colors to your world. It makes you feel really happy and complete specifically if you are dating with someone who treats you like you are his/her world. However, it becomes different when you date with a depressed person or with bipolar. The fun and excitement won’t be there because of the person’s condition. But then again, you can make it work with the following dating tips:

  • Be a person with positive outlook as this will reflect on your appearance. Be a man or woman full of happy thoughts otherwise you will have a very dull and boring date.
  • You need to deal with the stress that the person could give you. Make sure that you could handle it or else don’t date the person.
  • Learn to listen to the person and try to react in a calm and supportive way.
  • Try to influence the person with your happy thoughts. Constantly tell the person how wonderful life is.
  • Encourage the person to seek a professional help. Convince him/her that it’s the best thing to do to address the problem before it gets worse.
  • Have a wide room for understanding the person. The person is going through a difficult time so be patient and understanding.
  • Don’t do anything that will upset the person because it will worsen the condition. Depressed people tend to be jealous. Avoid anything that will make the person jealous.
  • Get her back to life. Help the person gain confidence. Depressed people tend to be insecure.
  • Try to identify the cause of the person’s depression. I’m pretty sure that this dating advice will help you a lot to change the person’s condition.
  • Just take things slow. Don’t be in a hurry to take your relationship to a higher level.

If you can’t stand the circumstances with this kind of dating, it’s better to quit early. Just be honest to yourself and to the person. Don’t prolong the agony. It will only make things more complicated.




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Date: April 16, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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