How to Date a Deaf Girl

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deaf womanLove moves in mysterious ways.  It lets you embrace the things that you used to avoid.  It teaches you how to accept imperfections. You learn to love even the unlovable side of a person.  That’s how powerful love is.  Now if you hooked up with a girl with hearing impairment, then you are into a pretty different situation.  You may have a room for accepting the person but you have to learn some dating tips and pieces of advice on how to date her type to make sure that you don’t end up disappointing or humiliating her.

  • One factor that will affect your relationship or date is her deafness.  Your communication will be little different because she is hearing-impaired.  This is something that needs consideration.
  • Learn some basic gestures or signs to be able to communicate with her.  You cannot just open your mouth and tell her that you like her.  Do you think she will be able to understand it?
  • Writing your thoughts is required to let her know what you think of her and how you feel for her.  Bring with you a pad of paper and a pen.  You can utilize this while you are learning her language.
  • You can send her text messages but don’t call her.  You can also chat with her over messenger or Facebook if she has nay accounts.  Well, just use your common sense.
  • If you are going out, don’t go to a movie house.  She may be able to see the pictures and effects (because she is not blind) but how is she going to understand the story without hearing what the stars say?  However, there are movie theaters with captioned movies. You need to look for one if you really want to watch together.
  • Don’t treat her like a very different girl.  Don’t stress out her difference from ordinary people although you need to give her considerations.
  • Be her ears and encourage her to be productive using her other senses.  Show your faith in her ability.

If you can make your date a success you will be able to prove that love conquers all.




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Date: April 7, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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