How to Date a Christian Girl?

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dating a christian girlChristians live by the words of God. They base the things they do on the doctrines of the bible. They are simply religious in nature and most Christians are afraid of committing sins. In some Christian sects, the members are not allowed to have a relationship with men and women of different religious beliefs like those from the Catholic Church. However, there are times when circumstances test the faith. You get attracted to a person who belongs to another church. There are times when you get attracted to a Muslim.

Pieces of Dating Advice

When planning to pursue your plan to date with a Christian girl and you are not a Christian boy, it might be helpful to read the following dating tips.

  • Learn some things about her so that you know how to deal with her. It is important to know some personal information about her.
  • Treat her with utmost respect. Listen to her ideas. Don’t insist yours.
  • Do not force her to do the things that you do if they are against her religion. Doing so will only disappoint her. She will not go out with you again once you do it.
  • Show interest in their doctrines. Ask questions if you have any. Express your willingness to listen to their teachings. If she sees that you are interested, she will give you the chance to be a part of her life.
  • Attend worship services with her. You can also attend prayer meetings or fellowship to get some ideas about their religion.
  • Don’t make fun out of her religion. If there are things that you dislike, keep them to yourself. Women get easily offended.
  • If you really like her to be your girlfriend, go to their house and ask the permission of her parents. Talk to them about your intentions. It’s a sign that you are serious about her and that you care about her family.

A real man can sacrifice personal desires just to be with the woman he loves. Follow this dating guide and you will succeed.




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Date: April 17, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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