How to Court a Woman

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men courting a womanThere are men who find courting women easy. Those men simply have the charisma that attracts women. Hence, even if they don’t exert much effort, they get what they want in women-attention, interest, love, and others. On the other hand, there are men who are really challenged when they court women. Other men do not have the courage to court women. They are not confident enough. So let’s talk about some tips and ways on how to court a woman.

  • Have confidence. The first step that you have to take is to develop a high self-esteem. Men are supposed to be strong and confident so be one. Most women would prefer confident men. You can boost your confidence by keeping a pleasing appearance. Get a good haircut. Be neat and clean.
  • Show respect. Respect the woman, including her family and friends especially if she’s from a culture with conservative customs and traditions. Be brave enough to go their house and introduce yourself formally. Ask their permission and blessing for you to woo their daughter.
  • Be sincere. When trying to please or impress a woman, do it by getting into her emotions. Appeal to her emotions. Mean what you say.
  • Be generous. Giving flowers, chocolate bars, and small gifts would really help you win a woman’s interest and heart. Don’t count the ways; just keep on sowing seeds of love.
  • Be sweet and romantic. Say the three magic words everyday. You can do it through the phone or internet, but it’s a lot better to do it in person.
  • Be perseverance but do not be a stalker. Let the woman breath. Don’t be like a dog that keeps on following. Giver her space. Respect her freedom. You will end up annoying the girl instead of impressing her.
  • Observe punctuality. Respect her time. When you agree to meet at a certain place, be there before or right on time.
  • Appreciate the woman. Compliment her a lot. Learn to be appreciative of the things she does.

You need to be patient as a suitor. Take things slow. Do not be in a hurry to get what you want. Enjoy the courtship stage as you get to know each other well.  When you know each other pretty well, you’ll increase the chance of building a good and healthy relationship.




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