How to Cope with Marriage Separation

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Marriage SeparationSome marriages and relationships come to a point where in there’s no point holding on.  If the problems that arise cannot be solved, one of the options of couples is divorce which is called legal separation in Virginia although for the Catholic Church and Christians these are not accepted.  The family should stick together until the end. However, there are circumstances that give you the idea of moving apart. Statistics shows that the rate of divorce is getting higher after trial separation has been tried and failed.  Statistics also shows that men have difficulty coping with separation.

Being away from the person whom you used to love is unbearable and unimaginable. That’s the main reason why marriage separation or even simple break ups are never easy, particularly if you’ve been together in a long term relationship.  Moving on is a hard thing but one needs to go through it.  It’s actually a process and it is relative. What is effective to me may not be effective to me.

Marital Separation Tips

Although there is no specific formula in moving on after separation, there are some tips that could be useful for you to deal with it. Consider the following:

  • Open it up to someone you trust like a family member or a close friend.  Don’t suppress how you feel because that won’t help.  You need to express your emotions to let your frustrations or anger pass.  You need a moral support from someone you trust.
  • Spend time with friends and try to have fun even if it is pretty difficult.  You need to socialize with people to lessen the burden within you.  Don’t confine yourself at home.
  • Read books or magazines that could help you relieve stress.
  • Avoid thinking of the good old times because they will make your load even heavier. Avoid remembering your wedding details especially for the part of a wife.  There’s no use for “I wish I could” and “What if”.
  • Talk to your children if you have any.  You need to be honest with them.  They need to know that they are not losing their parents and that they are not the reasons for your separation.
  • Give yourself ample time to heal.  As they say time heals all wounds.  Don’t push yourself too hard.  Just wait patiently.
  • Consider dating but don’t take it seriously.
  • Consider counseling if you really cannot overcome your frustrations for losing your husband or wife.
  • For marital assets, you can refer to the case done by the Georgia Supreme Court.

Married life is a pretty complex thing that needs emotional investment, mutual agreement, love, respect, trust, and honesty to nourish it.  Without these, the foundation will be weakened and your home will soon collapse.





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