How to Cope with a Bisexual Husband

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cope up with bisexual husbandHaving a bisexual husband gives a feeling of betrayal to the part of the wife. It isn’t easy being into the situation. When you married the man, you were so confident that you got the right man. But as years pass by, the true color of the man you married is starting to be revealed. This discovery is a very painful experience. In fact, it could even lead to divorce if the wife cannot accept it. Coping with this situation may be a lot easier with the help of the following tips and instructions.

  • Do something to prove yourself that your husband is really a bisexual. Look for signs.
  • Find out if he has been cheating on you. Did he have any relationship with anyone?
  • Evaluate your feelings about it. Once you have proven that he is really a bisexual, it’s tome to assess your feelings. How do you really about finding out that your spouse is a bi? Do you feel betrayed? Are you mad at him? Do you feel ashamed? It is important that you assess your feelings first before you can decide on what you are going to do.
  • Think about the years you have shared together. Has he been a good provider to you and to your children? Has he done something that really put you into great humiliation? Compare the past and the present. How is he now as a husband?
  • Talk to him. Tell him how you feel about the situation. Express whatever emotions you keep inside. He deserves to hear everything. Ask him what he is thinking. Hear him out, too.
  • Set boundaries. Tell him your conditions like he is not allowed to date anyone. This would work if you are willing to give him another chance or you just want to save your marriage.
  • If nothing has changed and he is still the same husband you used to know, don’t make fuss about his sexuality. Don’t tell your kids about it. Don’t ruin their respect for him.
  • Seek professional help. Counseling might help you with what you go through. This may be quite expensive but it will make you feel better, you need to try it.

Be brave enough to face the truth that you married a bisexual. It may be painful but it’s already there. If you see that he isn’t doing anything to destroy your marriage, just accept him and go on with your life together.




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Date: July 6, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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