How to Convince your Husband to Have a Baby

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convincing husband to have babyThey say that the essence of being a woman is giving birth. Motherhood gives a sense of fulfillment. It adds meaning to a woman’s life. Most women get married to have babies. Bearing a child is actually one of their goals when getting married.

In most societies, a family is not complete without kids. On the other hand, there are couples who cannot have babies due to health problems while others got many children but not fit to be parents. There are also cases where in the husband/boyfriend doesn’t want to have a baby yet for some reason. So if your husband is like this, what would you do to convince him? Let’s talk about some ways and tips on how to convince your husband to have a baby.

  • The first step that you have to take is to make sure that you really want to have a baby. There should be no doubts at all. If your mind is set into it then there should be no doubt.
  • Babysit together. Take the baby of your sister/ brother. As much as possible, avoid annoying and loud kids. Choose a wonderful and cheerful baby so that he will be entertained. Tell him that’s how wonderful your babies will be.
  • Take him to a place where kids play and have fun. Let him discover how good it feels to have kids around.
  • Get a pet and make him fall in love with it then give it away after saying that you are allergic with it. Of course he will feel sad. He will grieve and that could be a perfect timing to say that maybe it’s time to have a real baby.
  • Watch a family film with fun interaction between the kids and the parents.
  • Watch his favorite sport together. Tell him how gun it would be if he plays with his little boy.
  • Settle your finances. If he is concerned with your financial condition, then set a budget for your pregnancy and then convince him.

If these tips don’t work with your husband, then you must learn to accept the reality of it. Just think that it isn’t time for you to have a baby yet. For the meantime, fulfill your duties and responsibilities as a wife.




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Date: May 25, 2011 | Category: General
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