How to Converse with a Guy you Like

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woman having conversation with a man she likeTalking with anyone sounds pretty easy. On the other hand, it becomes a big thing when you talk or converse with someone you like. What makes it so? Well, you simply become conscious and uncomfortable when you talk to a person you are interested in. However, even if you feel shy, uncomfortable, and nervous, you have to talk to him at some point. You have to face your fear of talking to the person. Nothing will happen between the two of you if you cannot even talk to each other. So what if you are the woman? Have the courage to get close to him. Let the following tips and instructions on how to converse with a guy you like help you out with your problem.

  • The first move that you have to make is to get noticed. Let him know that you are around and that you exist in this world.
  • Start your approach with a sweet smile. A smile makes a huge difference. If he sees that you smile, most probably he will smile back. In this case, you are doing a good job.
  • Establish eye contact while smiling. This will make you feel more comfortable as you know that he is quite interested in you somehow. But learn how to make eye contact without being so desperate.
  • Greet the guy. A simple hi or hello would do. This is one way of letting him feel that you are friendly.
  • Introduce yourself if you haven’t been introduced before. Make it simple and short. Save the other details for your future conversations.
  • Ask questions. Be respectful and polite in asking questions about his pursuits and interests. Try to make the questions open-ended so that it will invite the person to share more. But don’t ask questions that will make you sound like you are interrogating.  Pay attention to what he says. Remember the things he mentions to you.
  • Look for common interests or hobbies that you can share together. This will open the door for you to get to know each other well.
  • Be honest. When he asks you questions, you need to give honest answers. Do not try to fabricate things just to impress the guy.

These tips should help you catch his attention. Try them and see if they work for you. But if in case they don’t, you can look for some other sources that could give you a how-to manual on how to do it properly. Good luck!




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Date: June 9, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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