How to Connect with your Spouse

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How to Connect with your SpouseEmotional connection is important in any relationship. Lovers need this to have a stronger and healthier relationship. Once you no longer feel connected with each other, it can lead to marital problems. You can say you are emotionally connected to your spouse if you look at him and you can see the passion and spark. There’s connection if there’s fondness. You are connected with each other if you can share your feelings to your wife or husband.

Emotional connection may be hard to establish during the firs stage of the relationship or marriage. But eventually, you will just find yourself having a good connection with the person you married. If you feel that your marriage lacks emotional connection, you might as well want to learn some tips and instructions on how to connect with your spouse.

  • Have an open communication. It is only through effective communication that you get to reach within. Talk through the heart. If you see that he needs someone to talk to, be there for him. Lend your ears to him.
  • Be a friend. It is also good when your partner sees you as a friend at times. Your partner becomes more comfortable in sharing you the things that he/ she usually shares with friends. Another benefit of friendship in a marriage is that you still have something to hold on to when the passion is gone.
  • Show interest. Show that you care by joining the activities that your partner loves to do for as long as you can do them too. Have fun together!
  • Avoid nagging. Don’t be like a monster to him. You cannot build a healthy emotional connection if you keep on nagging. When you want to discuss something or you want to express your disapproval with what he did, do it in a nice way.
  • Respect him. How do you show respect to your husband? Consult him before you make major decisions in your life. Show that you see his authority.
  • Be supportive. Another way of building emotional connection with your spouse is by being supportive. Show your support for your husband’s/wife’s plans and aspirations. Be an inspiration to your partner.

Actually you don’t need a tutorial to be able to do this. Just be sensitive enough to know the needs of your spouse. Use your common sense.




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