How to Confront a Boyfriend

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girlfriend is confronting her boyfriendConfrontation needs a lot of courage. It is pretty difficult to confront anyone when you are afraid to hear the truth.  Facing your boyfriend for a confrontation is a very tough act, especially when you are quite sure about the answer and you are just waiting for the confirmation and verification from him.

Actually, the first thing that comes to your mind when you catch your boyfriend doing something bad is to kick his balls or slap him on the face. However, you can’t do it because you are not in the proper place and you are just afraid you might regret what you do later. Before you do anything, you have to know the truth from his mouth. You can only do it through confrontation. Here is a list of some tips on how to confront a boyfriend.

  • Compose yourself. You need to calm down and let your feelings settle down before you talk to him. This will avoid you from freaking out. This will at least make things lighter. You can talk better when your emotions are stable.
  • Find a good place to talk with your man. Don’t just do it anywhere to avoid humiliation or discomfort. Arguing in public isn’t decent. Keep it private.
  • Sit with your boyfriend once your emotions are settled. Focus on each other. Stay away from distractions as much as possible.
  • Avoid putting all the blame to your man. Don’t attack him this way because the tendency is he will just defend himself or he will deny even the most apparent thing.
  • State the fact that there’s something he did that’s so disappointing. Show him that you want to discuss it with him.
  • If you feel you cannot do it, it would help if you list down all the things that you want to say to him.

If you have confronted him and there’s no improvement at all, maybe it’s time to give him space. You might not be good enough to satisfy your boyfriend’s needs.  Read a how-to manual to help yourself better.




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