How to Confess your Feelings

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How to Confess your FeelingsExpressing your feelings to someone is one of the difficult things to do especially if you are doing it for the first time. Confessing your feelings makes you feel nervous. You might not admit it but you have the fear that you might get rejected by the person you adore or admire. Of course it isn’t easy to handle rejection and humiliation. It can also get complicated when you have status or age differences or any other factors that seem to hinder your confession. Why don’t you get some ideas in doing so by reading some tips and instructions on how to confess your feelings?

  • Prepare yourself. You need to be pleasing with your personal appearance. If there’s a need for you to get a new haircut or a manicure/ pedicure, then you must do it prior to your confession. You need to be presentable.
  • Find a good place. Do not just confess anywhere if you can afford to look for a good place to confess. Pick a quiet and romantic place to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • You can also call but it is a lot better if you confess personally. It shows your sincerity.
  • Be direct. Go straightforward. Just say “I love you” and you’re done.
  • Be honest. Confess your feelings with honesty. You should mean what you say.
  • Act natural. Be natural and be normal. The more you think of the importance of the person, the more you will feel nervous.
  • Be careful with your words. Be gentle in expressing your feelings.
  • Don’t pressure the person. Confess but don’t force the person to love you back.

Free yourself. Express your feelings now.




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