How to Compliment a Woman

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how to compliment a womanSome men are good at making women feel wonderful through compliments; others find it quite difficult. Instead of making a woman feel good, they end up making a woman feel irritated. Actually, there are many ways on how you could compliment a woman. You can do it through words or gestures but the important key is you have to get to know more about the girl first. If you know something about the woman, it would be easier for you to do a move. Learn some tips on how to compliment a woman.

  • Identify which aspect of her life she holds high. Compliment her on area that will surely boost her ego. If she is good at a certain specialization or field, use it to flatter her.
  • Pay attention to what she is wearing. Tell her how gorgeous she is with her clothes, particularly if she is wearing something new. Tell her that her beauty is even more enhanced.
  • Appreciate her new hairstyle or haircut. You can make a comparison like she looks like a famous celebrity with her new hairdo.
  • Appreciate her accessories. Tell her that her accessories make her even more stunning.
  • Send her a flower with a note that contains how much you appreciate and admire her.
  • Show sincerity. Be sincere in giving your compliments. Don’t say a word of compliment if it isn’t true, especially if it is obvious.

You can also take her somewhere like the beach and tell her that she looks even more beautiful than the sunset. Complimenting a girl just takes some honesty and sincerity. You also need to challenge your creativity and imagination. If you can do these things, you will succeed in making her feel good.




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