How to Comfort a Friend after a Breakup

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A teenage girl comforting her friendThey say that a friend in need is a friend indeed. As a friend, it is a part of your role to comfort a friend when he or she is going through some painful situation. It is during tough times that you should make the person feel that you are there for him or her. For instance, your friend is having a hard time due to a painful breakup. As a friend, you should be sensitive enough to make him/ her feel better. Be a friend by offering a ready ear. Be a friend by offering your shoulders. You can help the person with the following tips on how to comfort a friend after a breakup.

  • Offer your shoulders. Be your friend’s crying shoulders. You need not say anything. You just have to listen to him/ her. Let your friend release his/ her emotions by crying.
  • Give your pal a hug. The warmth of your arms as you wrap them around your friend is already enough to make him/ her feel better. It’s even better than saying a word. Your pal just needs to feel that he/ she is not all alone.
  • Help him/ her forget the person. If you succeed in getting rid of the ex’s thoughts from your friend’s mind, then you are a big help. You can do this by taking him/ her to places where nothing will remind him/ her of the person.
  • Avoid bringing up the issue. As much as possible, avoid reminding your chum of the person. Talk about some other things.
  • Give your pal a treat. Make your friend’s life wonderful. Make him/ her realize that life is wonderful even without the person. Plan something for your pal.
  • Take your pal to social events. People who have broken up usually resist attending social events. They just want to be home.

Show your friend the other side of life. Let your pal realize that there’s more to life than crying over a broken relationship. Stay by your pal’s side.





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