How to Charm a Man You Married

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How to Charm a Man you MarriedMen are not hard to charm and seduce. They can easily be pleased. They don’t have too many demands compared to women. You just have to get to know your man well. Learn the things that please him and the words that melt him. Women have the natural charm and power that fascinate men. Once you get married to man, all the more that you make an effort to charm him. When he is under your spell, you’ll have a better and healthier relationship. There’s a greater possibility that you will have a harmonious relationship. Read this post for some tips and instructions on how to charm a man you married.

  • Remain beautiful and hot in his eyes. It’s a fact that men are visually motivated. They are aroused by the things they see in you. Maintain the features she loves in you. Don’t neglect your physical appearance even if you have duties to perform as a wife and mother at the same time.
  • Be respectful. Respect his authority as the head of your family. Consult him prior to decision-making. Everything that concerns your family and relationship should be discussed.
  • Initiate lovemaking. Physical contact is a part of a marriage. When you make love with your husband, you must enjoy it. Don’t think of it as an obligation. It’s even hotter when you imply that you want it. Initiate it sometimes. Exert an effort to seduce him and to fulfill his fantasies in bed.
  • Be a good wife. Perform your duties as a wife and mother. Negligence of your responsibilities can lessen your charm to your spouse.
  • Surprise him. Serve him with his favorite food. It’s much better when you cook it yourself. Give him a body massage at night.
  • Avoid nagging. A nagging wife is an annoyance to her husband. Discuss matters in a nice way. You didn’t marry him only to nag at him.

This how-to manual serves as a guide to wives who desperately want to charm their husband. We hope that the tips are somehow helpful to you to make your marriage better.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: Seduction Advice
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