How to Catch the Attention of your Crush

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Catch the Attention of your CrushThe first step that you have to take when you want to attract someone you like is to catch his/ her attention. You have to let the person know that you exist. Once you have done it, then you can move on to the next major steps. So what are some tips on how to catch the attention of your crush? Take a look at the following tips and learn from them:

  • Make an effort to look good. You cannot attract anyone if you look haggard or messy. Make sure that your haircut looks good on you. Check the clothes that you wear. Wear appropriate clothes.
  • Smell fresh and clean all the time, especially if the person (your crush is around).
  • Do something in favour of your crush. If you have the chance to help her then, don’t hesitate to offer some help because it is your chance to be a hero/ heroine of your crush.
  • For women, try not to chase him. Don’t show that you are desperate to get him.
  • Make small talk. Simple chit chat with your crush can make a difference. If you have the chance to talk to him/ her, grab it! Make your greetings simple but sweet.
  • Join his/ her group. Meet his/ her friends and be nice to them. Try to be a part of her circle of friends. That way you can get the chance to be closer to him/ her. You will be able to know her interests and hobbies.
  • Once you find out his/ her interests then, find a common interest that you can both enjoy.

Don’t throw away your chance to be with the person you admire. Whenever you have the chance to get noticed, you should grab it.




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Date: May 11, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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