How to Be Polite on a Blind Date

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How to Be Polite on a Blind DateThere’s something interesting about a blind date. You will learn something from it. It will definitely teach you a lesson that you may not forget. You will be left with experiences that you will always look back to. This kind of date has its own features. One is that you will be surprised about the turn out since in the first place you are meeting someone who is sort of a stranger. Bear in mind that although you will meet a stranger, you need to show your manners and values during the date. Check the list of things that you could do on how to be polite on a blind date.

  • Be cheerful. Show positive energy to your date even if you are a bit nervous or uncomfortable. Show your willingness to make your meeting wonderful. Let the person feel that you are glad that you met.
  • Be on time. Arrive on time to show that you are serious and that you respect his or her time. Do not keep your date waiting.
  • Avoid being judgmental. Do not set any expectations prior to your date so that you will not be disappointed. Moreover, you should not judge your blind date with his or her physical appearance.
  • Be sincere. Do not make false compliments or flattery. The person will feel the sarcasm in your voice.
  • Focus. Do not let your mind wander somewhere during the date. You will lose your focus if you do this. Once your attention is somewhere, you will not be able to understand your conversation which will put you into an embarrassing situation. This will also hurt the person’s feelings.
  • Offer to pay the half of your bill. Since you don’t really know each other and you have no clear agreement, be safe by offering to pay the half.
  • Avoid telling others about your date once it turns out bad. You can share that you had a date but avoid including details that may affect the person’s name.

A well-mannered person will try to be polite no matter who he or she dates with. Just do your best to enjoy it and at the end of your date, learn how to appreciate the effort shown.




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Date: November 4, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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