How to be More Affectionate

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affectionate young guy hugging his girlfriendStrengthening a romantic relationship requires both to be affectionate with one another. Couples need to invest emotionally and physically to make a relationship work well. Without affection and intimacy, a relationship will go astray. These are basic needs for couples. Naturally, we are all affectionate and we have various ways on how to express affection. However, there are those who are hard up in showing affection. If you find yourself hard up in doing so, it might be helpful to take a look at the following tips on how to be more affectionate and rekindle the passion in you.

  • A surprise treat. An affectionate girlfriend gives her boyfriend a treat whenever possible even if there is no special occasion. Cooking your man’s favorite food is a great way of showing affection.
  • Hand holding. When you are walking along the street or sidewalk, hold your partner’s hand and feel proud that you are together. An affectionate boyfriend should do this more often. You can also wrap your arm on her waist to make it even more affectionate.
  • A surprise kiss/ hug. Things become more exciting when you least expect them. Give your partner a warm hug or a kiss from behind while he/ she is brushing his/ her teeth or whenever he/ she is not paying attention. This is such a sweet gesture.
  • Cuddle. Cuddle with your partner while watching your favorite TV program or as you sit on the couch.
  • You can also be more affectionate by running your fingers through your sweetheart’s hair as you wait in line or while you are sitting.
  • Kiss your husband or wife passionately before you leave the house and as soon as you get home.
  • Rub your legs against your partner’s legs while sitting.

Becoming affectionate isn’t that hard. Your heart will teach and guide you to be warm and loving to your partner. Don’t get tired showing it so that you will have a healthier relationship.




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