How to Be a Good Date

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How to Be a Good DateWhen we go on a date with someone, we have the goal to impress him/ her somehow. This is the reason why we care about what we wear. We get conscious with our appearance. We like to look beautiful or handsome in the eyes of our date. We want to create a good impression to turn the date well, especially when you are attracted with the person you date with. Your attraction towards the person will inspire you to become a good date in the eyes of the person. Here is a list of tips on how to be a good date and make your date a fun experience.

  • Pick a good location. The place can be a factor that may have an effect to your date. If it’s too crowded and there’s too much noise, you won’t be able to have a good talk. This will not allow you to get to know each other well. If it’s a casual date, a lunch at a fastfood restaurant or a cup of coffee at a café would be fine. For an exclusive date, a romantic dinner at a cozy restaurant is a good idea.
  • Prepare for the date. Wear something decent and appropriate to the nature of your date. Be ready to foot the bill especially if you initiated the date.
  • Get to know your date. You can do it by engaging in a conversation with the person. Ask questions that will give you an idea on what kind of person he/ she is. Avoid asking intimidating questions. Avoid asking too personal questions if you notice that he/ she is no longer comfortable answering the questions you throw to him/ her. Be honest in answering your date’s questions.
  • Have a sense of humor. This is an added factor for men. Make your date laugh and make sure that you also laugh at the person’s jokes.
  • Be polite. A guy should be gentle. Be a knight to the girl. Pulling out a chair and opening a door for her are signs of a gentleman.
  • Be appreciative. Compliment your date. Show gratitude for giving you the chance to get to know him/ her.
  • Be on time. Respect other people’s time.

Becoming a good date doesn’t require you to be extravagant. You just need to make an effort so that you will not end up disappointing your date.




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Date: September 21, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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