How to Attract your Crush?

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attract your crushHave you been admiring someone from a distance but you don’t have the courage to let the person know how you really feel? Are you holding back because you think that the person doesn’t like you? Should you just sit in a corner and watch the person without doing anything? It’s time to move or else you will regret for the rest of your life. Do something to let her know that you admire her. But you cannot just do it without catching her attention first. Follow the procedure so that you can get there. Learn some ways on how to draw her closer to you. Check the following tips.

  • If you want the person to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should start it right with a good impression on your first encounter. Make sure that the person knows that you actually exist. Introduce yourself to the person.
  • If you’ve known each other for quite sometime spend more time with the person to get to know each other well. Do things that will give the person a clue or hint that you are attracted.
  • Dress appropriately to impress. Wear clothes that fit on you well. Don’t wear anything without checking yourself on the mirror. Flirting with the person will not work if you look funny.
  • When wearing makeup make it light. Don’t overdo it just to catch the person’s attention. Actually some men prefer women who aren’t wearing any makeup.
  • Don’t do reckless things just to make the person notice you. Be silent and act accordingly.
  • If you get the chance to talk, build friendship by finding common interests. Spend some time with the person and enjoy some activities together.
  • When you feel it’s time to reveal your true feelings, then be honest to the person. Admit that you admire him/her. If the person doesn’t like you, well just move on to the next target.

Attracting a person isn’t just about your physical appearance. You also need to show that you have a good character. If the person is not interested in getting to know you more, he/ she will feel discomfort being with you after revealing your feelings. On the other hand, if your crush likes you, he/she shows some signs to let you know how he/she feels.




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Date: April 17, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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