How to Attract Men by Playing Hard to Get

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pretty girl is playing hard to getMen have different personalities and preferences. There are men who are into women who are head-over-heels in love with them. Other men also like those who play hard to get. They probably find them challenging and mysterious when they don’t get what they want. They end up wanting more and more. There are a lot of women who have mastered the art of playing hard to get. If you want to learn some techniques then you’ve got to read the list of tips on how to attract men by playing hard to get below.

  • It is okay to flirt with him in a subtle way but make sure that you also make him realize that you also flirt with other guys. Let him realize that you are not so into him and that you don’t focus your full attention to him.
  • Put a physical distance between you and the guy who is interested in you. While it is fine to flirt with him, you should not cross the line. Know your limitations to make him want you more. Don’t let him kiss you.
  • Avoid being with him too often. You need to allow a few days between each date for you to make him miss you even if you really want to be with him, too. Don’t show your eagerness to see him.
  • When he calls you up, don’t immediately answer the phone. Don’t show your excitement to hear his voice. Don’t return his calls but if you have to call him after a few hours. Wait for him to initiate your communication.
  • Don’t make yourself always available for the man. When he asks you out, do not feel like it’s your obligation to say yes.

Attracting a guy through playing hard to get is actually a fun technique. Enjoy your little game and you’ll get his attention and love.




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Date: August 5, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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