How to Attract a Nerdy Guy

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attracting a nerdy guyA lot of people find it hard to attract nerds (geeky guys and nerd girls). They are difficult to get along with when you don’t understand their way of life. They are often misunderstood by the people around them because they prefer to be alone doing the things that they are interested in. They are tagged as boring and dull people.  They are sometimes called geek or dorky.

Now you are into dating a nerdy guy. How can you attract him? What are the things that you can do to do it successfully? Take a look at the following tips and instructions on how to attract a nerdy guy.

  • The first step that you have to take is to make him notice you. Let him know that you exist since he is not that affable. He might not know that you actually exist.
  • See to it that you can relate to his interests. There’s nothing to talk about if you don’t know anything about the things that fascinate him.
  • Try to impress him with your ideas. Prior to your conversation, see to it that you find time to research on his line of interest.
  • Compliment and appreciate his achievements. Show your appreciation on the things that he has achieved to boost his ego.
  • Make him feel he belongs. Don’t make him feel that he is a lot different from you and from the people around him.
  • Appreciate him for who he is. Don’t try to change him just for socialization sake. So what if he is not fashionable? What if he is indifferent? There’s nothing wrong being different.
  • Have faith in him. Ask for his help to show that you do trust him.

It might be pretty difficult to deal with a nerdy guy but it will be worth it when you get him. When you succeed in captivating his heart, then take good care of him. Be careful with his heart.




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Date: May 2, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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