How to Attract a Man and Keep him Interested

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Making man interestedAttracting a man might sound pretty easy but keeping a man interested is difficult. Anyone can attract a man but not everyone can keep a man. Not every woman is lucky to keep a guy for a long time. Improve your luck in relationships. Learn some steps that you have to take in order for you to keep a guy that you like. Let’s get started with some tips and instructions that you can follow to attract men and get them interested.

  • Be confident with yourself. You need to feel beautiful inside and out. Most men are attracted with women who have confidence. Love yourself first before you can be loved by the people around you.
  • Evaluate your character as a person. Do you have a pleasing personality? It is important that your physical appearance looks appealing but your inner character also matters.
  • Enhance your assets. Women simply have the natural charisma that appeals to men. You’ve got to improve it by wearing appropriate clothes.
  • Be an interesting woman. Don’t be dull and boring. Make every moment with him fun and something to look forward to. Join his spots or just show interest. Watch a game with him. If you can do it, then he will have no reason to leave you.
  • Be thoughtful and loving to your man. Once you have already gotten him into you, the next thing that you have to do is to make him feel that you care. Give him reasons to stay with you. You can only do that if you try to please him. Cooking for him is a great way to get him.
  • Be challenging. Sometimes in wanting to please your man, you tend to be so submissive. You forget to stand your ground. You keep on saying yes, always afraid to contradict his ideas. This isn’t healthy. Don’t let him be in control all the time.
  • Be cool. Avoid boredom in your relationship so that you can keep him interested. Look for a manual online to guide you in making exciting moments. Plan for weekend activities or just set a schedule to spend quality time with your man.

These are just some of the instructions on how to attract a man and keep him interested. If you can think of other ways to do it, then don’t hesitate to show them.




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Date: May 1, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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